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In this blog post I'll briefly comment on NFT's from my humble collection. This collection demonstrates several types of NFT's you can acquire:
Unique piece (1/1) - edition (1/x)
Art - functional
Static - kinetic art
The particular selection stands apart from investment motives and the assembled art does not indicate any artistic insight. Therefore the collection might seem random, because it results from my personal budget and preferences. Nevertheless, I had fun acquiring these NFT's and I am pleased with the current result.

On Opensea you'll find a visual overview of all the NFT's in my Ethereum wallet. With Oncyber I customized a digital gallery of the favorite art NFT's from my collection.

This project from Rafaël Rozendaal and Danny Wolfers (Legowelt) is part of the prestigious Artblocks Curated collection. It is an intriguing audiovisual experience, that continues endlessly. The dancing, angular, colored shapes align with simple tunes, that remind me of the Nintendo music from Sabrepulse.

Since I first saw "AI art" shared on Twitter, I knew I wanted to collect it. Glenn Marshal was not a necessary, but an obvious choice. I especially like his cyborg themed pieces of the Room 13 collection. I made offers on 5 works and eventually won the auction for Sensation.

DeekayMotion creates joyful animations with charming characters. This work is part of The Memes collection, issued by Punk6529, in collaboration with contemporary artists.

Kerim Safa makes pixelated animations. With only black and white he depicts machines with an industrial touch, but of which we can only guess their function. Still, the repetitive character of their workings creates a soothing feeling. Component 5 is part of a more elaborate and diverse machine animation The Monolith.

Tweeter sgt_slaughtermelon developped a conceptual art experience. The project reminds us of from the nineties (Web1) made collectible by use of NFT’s (Web3). The form or lay out resembles the Windows 95 operating system, but in content it deals with very human matters. I minted two NFT’s, that appealed to me as a philosopher and art collector, respectively "What is Truth" and "Being Opaque is Not a Concept".

This Pepe the Frog meme is part of the Rare Pepe directory, the collection that put CryptoArt on the map. By referring to an artwork of Kazimir Malevich the NFT informs about traditional art history in a casual way.

Belgian artist Vexx made a doodle of the internet meme Pepe the Frog. His creations are part of the Fake Rare's collection, a sequel of the original collection of Rare Pepe's.

This work is the first NFT I bought for artistic reasons. I like the sort of uneasy, hard to qualify feeling Steven Baltay's animations convey.
Until recently, I was not convinced of photography being truely artistic. Vaughn Meadows' was the first to persuade me. His pictures remind me of the atmosphere Wes Anderson creates in his movies.

Juice Bruns succeeds in systematically sketching colorful situations with simple "penstrokes" and anonymous characters in the main role.

Etiene Crauss creates profound collagelike art. It is a pleasure to look at the different components and to wonder about the meaning of the whole.

With his programmed minimalist compositions Willard builds worlds, that suggest human presence, but do not display it.    

By means of acryl paint Kristina Po (Tinchik) creates dreamy worlds with women as the central topic. This is one of her works in which a grayscale photograph is seamlessly overpainted in patches with a cubist touch as a consequence.

KrakovDream describes his own style as neo-expressionist, a combination of abstract and figurative elements. This piece is full of intriguing contradictions: the curvilinear tranquil background - the strange rectilinear construction - the sinister, yet empathic character.

Arguably the most expensive artwork auctioned of any living artist. The entire work of Pak originally consisted of almost 30k pieces. Any wallet can only contain one piece. If a second one is added, both pieces merge and their “mass” is enumerated.
I like the colors of Bao Tran Trungs photography. In addition, when he adds people to his works, he often portrays them with their back facing the camera. An aspect of Hammershøi's work, that intrigues me.

There is plenty of beautiful drone photography. Aerial pictures turn the world around us into abstract art. This work of Jord Hammond is an explosion of colors. Yet since it is a marketplace, organized by man, these colors remain contained within the market stalls and between the lines of the pathways.

Rakesh Pulapa pictures a patchwork of fields, splitted by a meandering river. The natural course of this river contrasts – perceptually, but predominantly conceptually – with the man made agriculture.

This meme is based on Grant Yun's Cow and Tjo's BLeU. It demonstrates the creative power of the CC0 license for art.

Time Magazine occasionally distributes NFT's based on its magazine covers. Micah Johnson pictures his character Aku at the entrance of the metaverse.
The collectors of The Currency received an additional piece from Damien Hirst through an airdrop.
One of WhisBe's typical gummy bears.
A Namecoin username packed in an Emblem Vault to grant it Ethereum functionality.

UNIC Acces en UNIC Meta-511

The first NFT allows access to an on-chain class about the metaverse organised by the university of Nicosia. The second NFT contains the course material.